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Foreigners’ living costs in Vietnam: Knowledge and suggestions

Posted by Loan Le on September 8, 2023

Foreigners’ living costs in Vietnam

Understanding information about the living costs in Vietnam will help you organize your budget and prevent surprises when you are assimilating into the culture and society of Vietnam whether you intend to live, work, or travel there. connection within this nation. For foreigners living in Vietnam, we will offer experiences, comparisons, and financial guidance in this article.

Living costs in Vietnam

Examples of living costs in Vietnam for foreigners incur when residing in Vietnam

The price of lodging

Depending on the amenities and location, renting an apartment or a room in a large Vietnamese city might cost anywhere from $200 to more than $1000 per month. If you want to save more money, you can search for a shared home or room; the monthly cost will be reduced and range from $100  to $500.

Price of food

For expats living in Vietnam, purchasing fresh food in local markets is the most cost-effective approach to cut expenses. Fruits and vegetables cost between $2 and $5 per kilogram. However, if you want to experience Vietnamese food, you can visit a restaurant or diner. A meal there would cost you between $1,8 and $15.

Living costs in Vietnam People buy foods in locals market 

Transport expenses

The most common mode of transportation in Vietnam is the motorbike, which can be rented for between $30 and $70 VND per month. The price will be higher—between $0.5 and $1/kilometer—if you choose to use a taxi or use Grab.

Living costs in Vietnam

Be-bike service

Suggestions for foreigners living  in Vietnam

Learn Vietnamese

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese, thus studying it will make it easier for you to interact with the population and fit in.

Study the culture of the area

You will have a better understanding of society and be able to communicate and behave more appropriately if you are familiar with Vietnamese culture and customs.

Find out what the prices are.

To create a sensible financial plan and prevent unforeseen expenses, you should research the living costs in Vietnam before traveling there.

Finding the international community

Finding a foreign community in Vietnam will make it simple for you to get in touch with individuals who are experiencing the same things and with whom you can exchange experiences and tips about living here.

A lot of people have questions

  • I want to reside in Vietnam, how much money do I need?

The living costs in Vietnam for foreigners varies according to their preferences and demands. However, the monthly average price is between $700 and $1500.

  • How much money can I make in Vietnam working?

In Vietnam, pay is based on the type of job and the individual’s skills. However, the monthly compensation range for foreigners employed in Vietnam is between $1,000              and $3,000.

  • I live in Vietnam; can I use international money?

Vietnamese Dong (VND) is the country’s official currency, and it is required to purchase goods and services there.

  • Should I purchase health insurance if I plan to live in Vietnam?

When residing in Vietnam, it is highly advised to purchase health insurance. When you are injured or unwell, health insurance will help you avoid unforeseen expenses.

  • Can I purchase food at the grocery store?

Perhaps large supermarkets in Vietnam like Big C, Lotte Mart, and Aeon Mall would offer a complete selection of fresh and packaged foods from well-known brands. The            cost will be greater than purchasing in the neighborhood market, though.


For foreigners to live and work, Vietnam has a relatively inexpensive and reasonable cost of living. Before traveling to Vietnam, you should carefully research the living costs in Vietname in order to save money and prevent unpleasant surprises. Important advice for you includes learning Vietnamese, comprehending the local culture, locating the expat population, and choosing inexpensive travel spots. I hope this post has given you a general idea of living costs in Vietnam for foreigner.

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