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Sunshine City Hanoi

Posted by Loan Le on September 7, 2023

Sunshine City Hanoi – Green Riverside Urban

SUNSHINE CITY  is the most livable riverside urban region , located to the west of Hanoi. Like a diamond, it combines the characteristics of several famous cities, lifting each resident’s life to the level of an artistic way of living.

The affluent lifestyle of New York, the intelligent, autonomous architecture of the capital of light Paris, and the open spaces of Melbourne, the world’s most livable city. Its a city that raises each resident’s high class into an art of life, is a gem combining the essence of famous cities.

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Outstanding Sunshine City Hanoi characteristics

Sunshine Group, one of the top real estate companies in Vietnam, constructed and manages Sunshine City, a contemporary urban area with a total size of up to 5 hectares. The apartments in Sunshine City range in size from 68m2 to 126m2, with 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom options to satisfy the demands of all visitors. They are all designed in a modern, opulent style. row.

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General layout


Additionally, Sunshine City has all the amenities you might possibly need, such a swimming pool, a kids’ playground, a gym, a green park, etc. This metropolitan region is notable for having a sizable commercial core with a wide variety of stores, supermarkets, and appealing entertainment options. All of them have given Sunshine City’s clients the life of their dreams.

Swimming pool sunshine city hanoi

Indoor swimming pool

Sunshine City also benefits from the high-end amenities of Ciputra Hanoi, like the golf course, regulating lake, ecological scenery, in harmony with nature, and international education system (UNIS, SIS, Hanoi Academy).

Advice for selecting Sunshine City Hanoi

Sunshine City Hanoi is a viable choice to take into account if you’re looking to purchase or rent an apartment in Hanoi. Here are some suggestions for picking Sunshine City Hanoi:

An in-depth investigation of the investor reveals that Sunshine Group, one of the nation’s top developers, has a wealth of knowledge in creating high caliber real estate projects. Customers can therefore be confident of Sunshine City’s quality and ease.

When it comes to location, Sunshine City is situated in a prime spot with easy access to other communities including Ciputra Urban Area,  Tay Ho district, Ba Dinh, Cau Giay, and more. Additionally, this urban region is close to important routes like Pham Van Dong and others.

Get more information on utilities: The amenities of Sunshine City are first rate and include a swimming pool, tennis court, playground, gym, green park, and more. This urban region, in particular, features a large commercial core with a variety of stores, supermarkets, and appealing entertainment options.

If you analyze the quality and utility of the metropolitan area, Sunshine City is a decision worth considering, despite the fact that the cost of flats there may not be the lowest.

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Apartment in Sunshine City Hanoi

Frequently asked questions about Sunshine City Hanoi

  • Which district does Sunshine City belong to? – Sunshine City is located in Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi city.
  • How much area is Sunshine City urban area? – Sunshine City urban area has a total area of 4.3 hectares.
  • Who is the investor of Sunshine City? – Sunshine City is built and managed by Sunshine Group.
  • What amenities are there at Sunshine City urban area? – At Sunshine City, there are full facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, gym, green park,… In particular, this urban area has a large commercial center with lots of space. Many shops, supermarkets and attractive entertainment services.
  • Are apartment rental prices in Sunshine City high? – The price of apartments in Sunshine City may not be the cheapest, however, if you evaluate the quality and convenience of the urban area, Sunshine City is an option worth considering.


Sunshine Group, one of the top real estate companies in Vietnam, managed and developed Sunshine City Hanoi, a contemporary and upscale metropolitan region. Sunshine City is among the top options for people looking to purchase an apartment in Hanoi since it offers complete amenities, a comfortable, and secure living environment.

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